What a reach you have, Hunting Ridge!

In 2014, the ministries of Hunting Ridge touched at least 1298 lives in our community in a variety of ways. Wow!  Take a look:

  • Hosting the Korean Presbyterian Fellowship: 7
  • Providing a night out for parents:  25
  • Gathering the community at Strawberry Festival: 120
  • Welcoming visitors to  worship or other special events: 60
  • Hosting the Baltimore Falam Baptist Church: 38
  • Making friends on “The Corner”:  50
  • Supporting Samaritan Women via farm work: 8
  • Serving and eating dinner at Baltimore Station: 50
  • Teaching English class for Spanish speakers: 10
  • Teaching English class for Falam speakers: 18
  • Hosting children and staff of THOR Afterschool/summer camp: 45
  • Singing and praying with children and adults at VBS: 12
  • Sharing Thanksgiving dinners with residents of Men’s Shelter : 100
  • Helping neighbors with special economic needs (Deacons’ Fund): 5 
  • Providing canned goods and Christmas gifts to 40 West A & R: 750

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