The Wildness of God (Easter Sunday)

Luke 24:1-12:  Have you ever stopped to really consider how wild God is? Raising the dead. Unheard of. Turning a funeral ritual into an evangelistic crusade. Out of this world. Using the mouths of women to proclaim God’s good news. Of all things. God seems to be taking a walk on the wild side here, a side so wild that the closest ones to Jesus have a hard time grabbing ahold of this new reality. They had heard the prediction about dying and rising straight from Jesus’ mouth, not once, but multiple times. But they never were able to internalize it, accept it, believe it could be true. Maybe they thought Jesus was just full of theological mumbo jumbo that went over their heads. Maybe they never could get past the idea that he would be taken from them and killed, so that blocked them from really hearing anything wild about what would come next. His predictions of the awful and the wonderful events to come went only as far as their eardrums– no penetration into the head and the heart. We all fall into a similar trap—we hear what we want to hear, and we block out what we can’t handle, especially in an emotionally charged conversation. Some things are just too wild for us to appropriate. Continue reading “The Wildness of God (Easter Sunday)”

The Beginning of the End/The End of the Beginning

4.14.19  Luke 19:28-40  Today marks the beginning of the end. The palms are waving. The coats are laid out on the ground. Miraculously a colt who has not yet been tamed is willing to carry an adult on his back down the hill into the city. People are cheering and rejoicing. It has all appearances of a parade. But we know what lies ahead. A meal with a traitor. An arrest. A mock trial. The death penalty on a hill.
Jesus has had his face set toward Jerusalem since the transfiguration back in chapter 9 of this gospel. For 10 chapters he has been on this journey, traveling, teaching, preaching, getting his message across. And now this is the beginning of the end. Jerusalem was to be his final stop. He knew what lay ahead as he looked down upon the city in the valley from the Mount of Olives. Continue reading “The Beginning of the End/The End of the Beginning”