Second Chances

3.24.19:  Luke 13:1-9     Fellow children of God, in New Zealand, brothers and sisters at prayer, have been gunned down in an unnatural disaster that is becoming all too commonplace in our day and time. Why do people harbor such hate? —we rail at God, at Jesus, at anyone who will listen. Why do bad things happen to unsuspecting people? Is there a message in these atrocities for the rest of us? Whose fault is it? It is our human nature to want to point the finger somewhere.
Jesus’ contemporaries were very accustomed to the idea that an atrocity signaled sin, either on the part of the victim or the victim’s ancestors. Continue reading “Second Chances”

Hope for a Broken City

3.17.19:  Luke 13:31-35 AND Psalm 27
We live and work and worship and play in a broken city. An 11 year old and his mother are hospitalized after being shot on the playground this week in Cherry Hill. A man and his daughter implicated pan handlers in the murder of his wife and now he is accused himself. Dilapidated housing stock with roofs open to the elements and windows missing sit right next door to homes where people are trying to live and thrive. People are afraid even to walk to their community meeting after dark. A large university feels the need to employ its own police force in the areas surrounding its property to keep its students, staff and neighbors safe. Brokenness abounds. Continue reading “Hope for a Broken City”