Three 4 All

TRINITY SUNDAY (Psalm 8, Matthew 28:16-20, 2 Cor. 13: 11-13)

Yesterday at our Strawberry Festival we got to see and hear a three-person band made up of Bill Webster and Otis and Karen Stroup. They call themselves “Three 4 All”, a memorable play on words, sounding a lot like free for all, but carrying an important meaning of being three people committed to the entire community. They sang a fun song about why we don’t see unicorns today. The song describes the unicorns being left behind when Noah loaded the animals in the ark—the unicorns apparently were so busy playing in the rain that they missed the boat, literally. If you missed it yesterday, you can find Three 4 All singing on our Strawberry Festival Youtube link on the website and enjoy it whenever you like.
Three 4 All sounds to me like a helpful way for us to understand the inter-relationship between what we refer to as the three persons of the Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Continue reading “Three 4 All”

A Miracle of Understanding

Numbers 11:24-29; Acts 2:1-13     I go back and forth in my mind about whether this account of the Holy Spirit being poured out on Pentecost was a miracle of speaking or a miracle of hearing. What do you think? Was the Holy Spirit enabling a group of Aramaic speaking Galileans to suddenly speak languages they had never studied or was the Holy Spirit enabling a diverse crowd gathered in Jerusalem that day to hear their own mother tongues? The most logical answer is both. That is why I appreciate the comment from one of our church members during our lectionary Bible study last week when she said, “I think it really was a miracle of understanding.” Continue reading “A Miracle of Understanding”