“What Are You Afraid Of?”

Delivered by Ruling Elder James Parks, August 13, 2017

Psalm 22: 1-5, 19-26; Matthew 14:22-33

In the movie “Monsters Inc.” the fictional city of Monstropolis is literally fueled by the screams of frightened human children. Ironically, the monsters who are best at scaring the children are terrified of them. It is common knowledge in Monstropolis that human children are “poisonous.” Their very presence threatens to contaminate the purity of the city that the monsters have worked so tirelessly to maintain.

It is not until someone inadvertently brings an actual human child into their world that the story of these dreaded others begins to unravel. As it does, the fear-based economy of Monstropolis is revealed to be unstable. Continue reading

Sing a New Song

Psalm 33         When we gathered for praising God at Massanetta, we waited until all were together outside the door of our worship space before we entered. We were called to worship not as individuals, but together, as an entire body of 300 youth and adults, walking in between a two sided wall of welcoming high fives from our leaders, to loud, energetic music that just made you have to dance a bit. Continue reading