Communion:  The Backstory—Early Church Roots

1 Cor. 11:17-34       7.14.19

It was a community meal, a tradition in Greek culture, very familiar across much of the Roman empire in the first days of the Christian church.  So the church in Corinth, made up of Greeks and not Jews, included the Lord’s Supper when they gathered for a community meal.  It reminds me of the way we have been celebrating the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples on Maundy Thursday for the last several years, gathered around tables, with a shared dinner that includes the breaking of the symbolic bread and the drinking of the symbolic cup as a part of the community meal.

It also reminds me of our pot-luck dinners, where all come together to gather around a common table, each one offering some part of the meal.  But then it doesn’t.  Because this practice in Corinth did not make room for all at the table. Continue reading “Communion:  The Backstory—Early Church Roots”

Summer Sermon Series: Communion–The Backstory

Exodus 12:21-28   Passover Roots: This summer we will spend five weeks together exploring the roots of our communion practices. Where did they originate? How has the Lord’s Supper been celebrated over the years? How is it celebrated today in various cultures around the world? And what difference does sharing this meal make in our lives today?
We begin this morning with our Passover roots. Continue reading “Summer Sermon Series: Communion–The Backstory”