God’s Secret Plan

Ephesians 3:1-12  (January 6, 2019)   Perhaps you have found that making use of different translations of the Scriptures helps to expand your understanding. Sometimes when you hear the words in a fresh translation it makes you think about the passage in a different way. It can open your eyes and you find that God is speaking to you in a new way. That happened to me when I was exploring this portion of the letter to the Ephesians in a newer translation that I enjoy using for my personal study: the Common English Bible. The Greek word that has traditionally been translated as mystery in several different spots in this passage is translated as “secret plan”. Continue reading

The Great Reversal

Luke 1:46-55.     Erly Marsial was traveling with her husband, children and other family members from violence- stricken Honduras to seek a safer place to live in the US. She was full of hope for a new, different life for her family. And she was great with child, carrying a baby boy in her womb, hoping he would be born after she arrived in the US. But Baby Alvin had a different plan. He was born in Mexico City instead, making him a Mexican citizen and his parents automatic residents of Mexico with a path to citizenship.
Monica Curca is the founder and managing director of Activate Labs, a non profit based in southern California which seeks to build a creative force for peace and justice by activating and resourcing leaders and movements to create communities where everyone belongs and can lead their own transformation. Continue reading