What Kind of a King is Jesus?

Luke 19:28-44

This week we have joined the world in watching a show of force and military might.  You might call it muscle flexing.  Kind of a “See what we can do!” exchange.  First you have the Syrian leader using chemical weapons on his own people (again!), and then you have the US leader sending a bomb shower on the military base which was identified as the source of the chemical weapons.  Now everyone is on pins and needles.  What is next?  Who will make the next move?  And what other nations will be jumping in on one side or the other?  Will 59 bombs bring an end to another country’s civil war?  Or will it take more?  If so, how many?  It is complicated.  And it is ultimately a contest of who can be the strongest, the mightiest, the best equipped militarily to crush the ones defined as enemy.

The events this week remind me of the military show of force which entered Jerusalem from the west on the same day Jesus and his friends entered the city from the east.  Continue reading