Re-Forming the Church: Jesus’ Intention? 11.5.17

Matthew 25:31-40:  This year we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. 500 years ago this week, Martin Luther kicked it off with his 95 complaints against the way the church was operating nailed to the wooden doors of the church, which served as the community bulletin board. Last week we nailed some of our statements of belief to the doors in our church, statements taken from different periods of Christian history. The dates are printed on each statement. You will find words dating from 325 all the way to 1986.
This morning I asked you to consider the church today, jotting down descriptive words that capture today’s church from your perspective. Then you added those words to our doors. Continue reading

The Singular Focus 

Exodus 20:1-20                                                                                                                 10.8.17

If you start talking about the big 10 at our house, you are usually talking about college sports.  The Big Ten conference includes some powerhouse university teams (actually there are 14 of them, not 10, which always confuses me!), one of which is now University of Maryland.  They have fierce competition with one another and are known to provide good entertainment for sports enthusiasts on fall Saturdays.

But that is not the big ten we are focused on for today.  Today the big ten are the ten moral laws given to Moses on the top of the mountain.  They are the ways of operating which God gave as a gift to the people of Israel, a people wandering around in the wilderness, trying to figure out who they were.  Think for a minute about their context, Continue reading