Lent Online #6: Conversation Prayer


Welcome to Lent Online! Each Tuesday afternoon you will find a new Lenten Devotion posted here.  Together we will explore a different prayer practice each week.  The image above, a labyrinth (prayer walk), reminds us of the journey toward God we have been taking this Lent.  We invite you to make use of this Lenten Devotion when and where your schedule permits…spread it out through the week, select one day to make time to experience the entire devotion, or even repeat it several times as you desire.

–Your Lent Online partners, Rev. Jennifer Barchi, Rev. Ron Hankins, Rev. Deborah McEachran

Week Six

Put aside any concerns about work or home.  Turn off the electronics.  Find a quiet, comfortable place to be.  Agree with God that you will spend at least ______minutes together.

In preparation for today’s prayer practice, take several deep breaths and center yourself with a breath prayer.  Let go of your anxieties, your fears, all that you have to do, and all that you haven’t done as you focus on your breath.

When you feel ready, listen to the song:  My Own Little World.(https://youtu.be/M9Yasgzjc0w). Continue reading “Lent Online #6: Conversation Prayer”