Fruits of a Yard Sale….

We planned a yard sale and car wash for our front yard/parking area on Saturday.  We made some money that will decrease the gap between our costs of doing ministry out of 4640 Edmondson Ave. and our current income.  Good fruit.

We left a positive impression on an elderly neighbor who wanted to rent a table from us to sell her own items.  She had no one to help her bring her items to the parking lot, so she came anyway, shopped all the way down the line of tables, made new friends, and went home happy and grateful.  Good fruit.

We gave winter clothing and shoes to a penniless traveler who is leaving the state to start a new life.  Good fruit.

A neighbor was waiting for the bus, saw us outside on the lawn, and had to come share this story:  “Ten years ago you had a yard sale.  I had just returned from the peace corps and had nothing to keep me warm for the upcoming cold weather.  One of your church members took me aside and gave me a warm blue coat.  I still wear it.  I am grateful for your yard sales!”  Good fruit.

Two six year olds felt important and helpful as they scrubbed dirty cars.  Good fruit.

A family walked up with their almost 2 year old being pulled in the wagon to find bargains.  They made some purchases and were gifted a book by one of the neighbors who rented a table to sell her items.  Then the dad returned to bring his car to get washed.  Good fruit.

We sent a car full of donations to Good Will.  We sent a trunk full of clothing and shoes to One Heart One Way Ministries in Rosemont.  We have a fantastic start on the items for selection in our Christmas store for children.  Good fruit.

Thanks be to God for those who helped by picking up donated furniture, pricing items, carrying tables, washing cars, making signs, serving customers and buying items.  Thanks be to God for the yard sale fruit!

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