a money autobiography

Ever heard of a “money autobiography” ?  It can become a chance to reflect on your relationship with money (we all have one!).  Using guidelines from Letters to Scattered Pilgrims by Elizabeth O’Connor, sit down and put on paper or on your screen a reflection of your relationship with money…..  answer some or all of these questions:

  • How did your parents and grandparents view money?
  • What is a happy and/or unhappy childhood memory in connection with money?
  • What role did money play in your life as a teenager?
  • Did you feel poor or rich?
  • Looking back, has your attitude about money shifted at different stages of your life?
  • Are you generous or stingy?
  • What do you spend the most money on now?
  • Do you feel guilty about the money you have?
  • Do you worry about money?
  • Do you count your money?
  • Take risks with it?
  • If you helped a friend with an expense she could not cover, how would you feel if that person spent money on something you felt was extravagant?
  • Do you tithe? Why or why not?
  • How is your money connected to your faith?

The way you spend your money  clearly reflects your value system.  Your values (and your faith!) affect the way you view your money.  You may want to share your money autobiography with a friend or family member.

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