The Beginning of the End/The End of the Beginning

4.14.19  Luke 19:28-40  Today marks the beginning of the end. The palms are waving. The coats are laid out on the ground. Miraculously a colt who has not yet been tamed is willing to carry an adult on his back down the hill into the city. People are cheering and rejoicing. It has all appearances of a parade. But we know what lies ahead. A meal with a traitor. An arrest. A mock trial. The death penalty on a hill.
Jesus has had his face set toward Jerusalem since the transfiguration back in chapter 9 of this gospel. For 10 chapters he has been on this journey, traveling, teaching, preaching, getting his message across. And now this is the beginning of the end. Jerusalem was to be his final stop. He knew what lay ahead as he looked down upon the city in the valley from the Mount of Olives. Continue reading “The Beginning of the End/The End of the Beginning”