“Living Generously” 2021 Stewardship Commitment

“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it…” Psalm 24:1

It is a strange time we are experiencing.  Together with each of you, we are mourning our inability to gather in one place for worship. We are dealing with stresses and anxieties like many of you.  Yet we carry on, putting one foot in front of the other, confident that we remain always in God’s hands, confident that Christ goes before us, beside us, beneath us and above us.  (borrowed from St. Patrick!)

As we look ahead to the next year, we stare into the unknown.  Who knows how long it will be unsafe to gather indoors with large groups?  Who knows what our ministry will look like next year? At Hunting Ridge, we continue our support of local ministries like 40 West and the Rosemont Community Interfaith Coalition.  We continue to support the work and ministry of our Presbytery and the larger church.  We continue to remain connected with our partner congregations here and in Cuba.  We continue to maintain a witness to Christ in our community as we support the excellent work of our staff.

We are called to live generously, for the Lord has been generous to us in many ways.  How will you be generous with your time, your talents and your financial resources in this coming year?  In what ways will you step up to serve?  You can be involved in caring for our gardens.  You can help with the audio and video tech needs of making worship accessible to all.  You can get involved in our learning activities for children and youth.  You can create an event for adults that will bring connection and unity.  You can agree to make phone calls to stay in touch with your church family.

Your role is crucial as we seek to be Christ’s hands and feet right here in Baltimore.  Please submit your commitments by Nov. 22nd using the following link for your financial commitment https://forms.gle/trWSQzmTZnUM77CY9

Use this link for your time and talent commitment. https://forms.gle/qyw3ZGHES8BJ46GW9

Thank you for your ongoing support of Christ’s ministry through Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church. Your generous giving shows your faithfulness to God who holds us all.