Facility Rental

HRPC Commissary Kitchen:

A shared-use facility rented out by the hour, HRPC Commissary Kitchen is a place where food producers can legally prepare, process, cook. It is a facility equipped for food preparation, and baking. Located at 4640 Edmondson Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21229. Hours are determined on a case-by-case basis. The kitchen is an extension of the ministry of HRPC. No other business signage is permitted.

Our space includes prep area, pantry storage, and refrigerator storage. A quick summary of our equipment is listed below. We ask our clients to bring small wares such as disposable items (plastic wrap, foil, sheet pan liners, etc.) Feel free to bring your own pots and pans or use ours.


  • Three Compartment Sink
  • Commercial Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Mop Sink
  • 10-burner Gas Range
  • Locking commercial refrigerator (shared)
  • Bakeware/pots
  • Sanitizing components
  • Cooking utensils
  • Hand Sink
  • Double Oven
  • Ice machine
  • Clean & inspected fire suppressed hood vent system
  • Locked storage shelf for dry storage
  • Certified pest control
  • Clean restroom
  • Parking spaces
  • elevator

Reserving Kitchen Time

We book on a minimum of a month-to-month basis at an hourly rate of $25.00.      Hours in addition to this agreement must be arranged with the office administrator.  HRPC Kitchen will make its best efforts to create a schedule for use of the kitchen that accommodates all Users’ reasonable requests. Some flexibility may be required.


  1. Review and complete this Policy Guide & Facility User Agreement and fill out a Kitchen Application.
  2. Submit original Certificate of Liability Insurance, HACCP Food Safety Manual, and ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification. We will make copies and store in kitchen log.
  3. Pay your Security Deposit of $175 or 25% of monthly rent, whichever is greater.

The security deposit is fully refundable after your contract term with HRPC Kitchen ends.

  1. 4. Contact Makenzie Lawson at 410-566-2926 to schedule kitchen time.
  2. 5. Rent of $25.00 per hour shall be paid every two weeks on a Monday with a check or money order made payable to HRPC.

Building Access

Users will receive a key to enter the building by the elevator door only.  Alarm code will be provided, and alarm must be disarmed upon entry and armed upon leaving.  There may be other groups using other parts of the building while user is in the kitchen.  Please limit noise or interruption of other groups.

Optional Locked storage- ½ shared cabinet @ $20 per month-   Storage will be handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability.   Storage fees are charged on a monthly basis payable with your rent.  All items must be clearly identified and labeled with the user’s name.  All items must be on your assigned shelf.  All food must be stored in sealed containers.

 Reporting Hours Used-    Please complete the usage log located on clipboard in kitchen to document hours used.  HRPC will total hours used at end of each week and write the amount due for the week on the usage log.

 Cleaning & Supplies

Each User is responsible for cleaning the kitchen as part of their kitchen use including all equipment, tables, and floors, wiping out sinks or anything else that you see needs attention. Empty all trash to the dumpster out front (key provided) or take trash with you when you leave.  Please make sure to allow cleaning time in your reserved kitchen time and complete the HRPC Kitchen Checklist in notebook on top of microwave, noting any concerns.  We will supply all the necessary cleaning supplies and will take care of regularly scheduled cleanings.

Facility Failure

In the event of equipment failure or other facility issues that compromise production, no charge will be made for lost hours.  Users must make the office administrator aware within 24 hours.

 Eligible Users-   Only those users and their employees are allowed to be in the production areas.

No Children under 16 are allowed in the kitchen area when food processing is taking place.  No unsupervised children are allowed in the facility at any time.

Please contact us for more information or complete the application.

Fellowship Hall

Our hall is available for gatherings of less than 100.  It has been used for wedding rehearsal dinners, baby showers, family events, children’s events, meetings, and much more!  The fellowship hall rental fee is $400 (not including a refundable deposit) for 6 hours.  Please contact the church office for availability information.