Birth to the Kin-dom Advent 2018

No, we have not misspelled kingdom! 

Looking at the “kindom” of God is a way to focus less on the traditional hierarchical relationships of a male-dominated system like a kingdom and to focus more on the mutual relationships we see at work within the Trinity, more like a family of inter-connected people. 

            Each of us is born into this kindom of God, and each of us has a role in helping this kindom to be a place of safety, accessibility, fairness and empowerment for all members of the kindom (family).  

             As you journey through Advent this year, look for these themes in this devotional guide prepared by your fellow church members, in worship, and in special events. Each devotion focuses on how the write has seen children demonstrate the kindom of God.  You will find questions for personal or group reflection after each devotion. Join us for worship each Sunday as we are surrounded by the growing light of Christ coming into the world. In our mega-Advent wreath!

Ask yourselves the following questions:

How will participating at Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church make a difference in your celebration of Christ’s birth?

How will your faith practices be impacted?

1st Week of Advent: December 2nd