Because of where we are sitting right now—continuing to live with heightened uncertainty and confusion;  shifting parameters in just about every aspect of our lives—our Advent journey this year will encourage us all to make some space for meditation, reflection, and mindfulness in a variety of ways. 

As we move through the four weeks of Advent, we can ask ourselves:  Of the multiple choices before me, which path will I take? Where is God leading me?  In what ways am I listening for God, really listening to hear? Together we can listen for God’s leading through Scripture, music, art, cooking, breathing, walking, and through the voices of others.  You will find multiple links to Youtube videos to enhance your Advent journey. All links can be found on our website:

Instead of an Advent wreath, our sanctuary will be bathed in the growing light of lanterns used to illuminate our path.  We will light an additional lantern each week of Advent. We might see the path as our travels through life, as a path of hope for the future, or as a place of encounter with the Holy One.  We might see the lanterns as the light of God illuminating our journey through life, or as the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or as a growing awareness of the Light of the World, Jesus himself. 

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness—on them light has shined.”   –Isaiah 9:2

Walking Together,   Pastor  Deborah