Loving Our Neighbors in the Community

Love Your Neighbor 2015 stewardship campaignLast week, Malachi asked us “who is our neighbor?” Here at Hunting Ridge, we take the commandment to love our neighbors very seriously. Just look at the events highlighted earlier in the service: THOR, WIN, the Presbyterian Coffee Project, 40 West Crab Feast, our partnership with a church in Cuba, Baltimore Station.

This church arguably is one of the centers of our community. Community groups meet here. The parking lot is often the site of flea markets. We host yoga classes, English as second language classes, AA meetings and the list goes on.

But good stewardship is more than opening the doors of the church to the community or coming to worship on Sunday morning. It is working to spread God’s love every day of the week. Jesus calls on each of us to reach out in love to our neighbors, to let God’s love flow freely from each of us, to let God’s light shine on and through us. And that we do.

We’re on the corner of Edmondson and Poplar Grove each week standing up against violence. We’re walking and marching in CROP walks. We support 40 West’s mission of mercy with our money and our time and energy. We are in the schools promoting quality education for all children.

But as much as we are on the frontlines, Jesus calls us to do more. I know in our busy day-to-day world, nothing is more precious than our time. But Jesus reminds us that our time is a gift from God to be used to show others what God is like. So today, let us search our souls and ask ourselves “Am I loving my neighbors as much love as I love myself?” Could I do more to help end violence, bring help to the poor, heal the sick? If the answer is “yes” then sign up to give your time and talent to help the church make real the words we pray each week: “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

And if you don’t see something on the list of activities that you feel called to do, don’t just shrug your shoulders and say “there’s nothing I can do.” Instead think of what you would like to do and suggest that we make it a part of our outreach and mission. After all, every movement, every step forward began with someone saying “why don’t we  do this?”