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Welcome to Lent Online! Each Tuesday afternoon you will find a new Lenten Devotion posted here.  Together we will explore a different prayer practice each week.  We invite you to make use of it when and where your schedule permits…spread it out through the week, select one day to make time to experience the entire devotion, or even repeat it several times as you desire.

–Your Lent Online partners,

Rev. Jennifer Barchi, Rev. Ron Hankins, Rev. Deborah McEachran

Week One

“Every prayer-filled day sees a meeting with the God who comes.”  —Carlo Coretto

Put aside any concerns about work or home. Turn off the electronics.  Find a quiet, comfortable place to be.  Agree with God that you will spend at least       minutes together. 

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A mountaintop conversation

Ever wonder what Moses and Elijah said to Jesus on the mountain?  (Mark 9:2-9) Maybe it went like this:

Jesus: Great to see you guys! Mo and Eli, you rock! Your legacy has continued for centuries. It is truly an honor when people compare me to you all.

Elijah: Of course. Kind of the way people compare current quarterbacks with the quarterbacks of old. You are following in our footsteps as a leader of God’s people. We are the gold standard for being listeners to God and leaders of people, wouldn’t you say, Mo?

Moses:  Uh-huh! (big smile)

Jesus: No question in my mind. Since you are the gold standard, do you have any advice for me as I try to lead these folks? (point to congregation)

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