Blest Be the Tie That Binds

HRPC Work Day 2105

Jessie and Nick Leonard, HRPC, with Melvin Meares and Dave Rowe, First Presbyterian, Hickory, NC

Blest be the tie that binds….You never know how God will work in and through your relationships to connect you with one another….

Once upon a time, Jessie and Nick Leonard came from Hickory, NC to Baltimore to study and work.  Then Rev. Deborah McEachran was called from Hickory, NC to serve the Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church.  So Jessie and Nick joined Hunting Ridge.  Very quickly, Jessie and Nick began to share their gifts with HRPC in multiple ways, including improving the condition of our building and grounds.  This week, a team of 13 adults come from Hickory, NC to Hunting Ridge to lend 26 hands on various projects inside and out.  Add to that 44 more hands from Hunting Ridge to help with painting, landscaping, feeding and cleaning.  Add to that 16 more hands of local workers who worked alongside Presbyterians from Hickory and Baltimore, thanks to a gift from FPC, Hickory.  The building is being transformed into a more welcoming place for our entire community.  Now you can see more of our building from the street!  The fellowship hall is no longer dingy and dirty. Flowers and mulch bring color and beauty.  Our church office has had a face lift.  Corroding stained glass windows are being tended to.   We give thanks to God for the ties across states, between congregations, among brothers and sisters in Christ.  Truly we have been gifted by others in many ways.  In gratitude, we can gift others.  Blest be the tie that binds….

Sermon: Will It Still be Easter Tomorrow?

Mt. 28:1-10

So you know this one.  There should have been no surprises in the account of the resurrection read this morning.  But read it we must, every year on this day of resurrection.  Like the retelling of any good story, re-reading the resurrection story brings a sense of comfort and familiarity.  The story of life brings relief after the pain and agony of remembering that we were there when they crucified our Lord, that we too have denied him, and that we can never say never.  Continue reading