Sermon: What’s In Your Backpack?: Prayer

Matthew 6:5-8; 7:7-11    Aug. 23, 2015

Have you ever unpacked a suitcase when you came home from a trip and realized you had not worn some of the items you packed?  Sometimes we take more than we need and all we have done is carry around extra weight.  Unfortunately, we all carry around weight that we do not need.  I don’t mean any extra pounds on our body, but the weight of a troubled past or conflicts that we can’t seem to let go of, sadness or grief that doesn’t go away, fears of the future, even the argument from yesterday.  Indeed, we carry things that are not necessary, things that only weigh us down, slow us down, keep us from being and doing what God intends for us.  What would our lives be like if we only packed what we are going to use?  Continue reading

Sermon: You Are What You Wear

Col. 3:12-14

You have heard some of the positives of pulling together more than 200 middleschoolers to sing and act crazy, to learn and to play, to listen, to pray and to be silent before God.  New friendships are made, new ideas are sparked, old truths are given new meaning, a new tradition is born for Hunting Ridge!  I am grateful to Rodney, Maia and Mekhi for being willing to be the pioneers, the first ones to attend this conference from our church family, and now they can be the guides for others who will join us in the future.  I am grateful for your commitment to Christian education and spiritual nurture, enabling HRPC to fund 50% of the cost for all 4 of us!  Not every church does that.  It would be so great if we could keep that commitment up in the years ahead!

We have a tendency to keep matters of our personal belief to ourselves, and perhaps do not even talk about them with others at home.  Like politics, we steer clear of discussions about religion or faith with the people we do not agree with, just to keep relative peace and harmony in our relationships.  So to have a place and time to openly reflect on matters of faith, to share thoughts and hopes and fears, is a real gift.  Continue reading